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About Ageras

About Ageras

Ageras is a technological company offering a matchmaking service based on the idea of creating a simpler and more transparent market for auditing, accounting and legal services for the benefit of the industry and the users.

Ageras facilitates contact between the user in need of a consultant and the industry expert searching for new clients, creating a perfect match between the needs of the user and the service provided.
Ageras simplifies the process of finding the right accountant or lawyer by providing the user with three relevant and comparable offers matching the user’s individual needs.

Furthermore, Ageras supports the user throughout the decision making process by offering valuable insights through our rating site. The reviews of our many partners from previous users does not only increase transparency, it is also a fundament for building trust between new users and our partners.
Simultaneously Ageras supports our many partners in growing and developing their business by providing them with a valuable network of serious, relevant and sincere clients.

Ageras in numbers

  • Ageras has helped more than 90.000 users with finding relevant and suitable offers within the fields of auditing, accounting and legal services.
  • Ageras has more than 8.500 accountants and lawyers as partners.
  • Ageras is a fast growing company with more than 90 employees from five different nations.
  • View Ageras Annual Report 2015

Our Mission

Ageras’ mission is to bring accountants, lawyers and users together at a transparent market for the benefit of all parties.

Ageras’ platform should be the preferred and evident place to go when in need of a lawyer or an accountant.

Simultaneously Ageras should be the accounting and legal industries’ preferred partner for developing and growing their business.

Our Values

"We put the customer first"

Our primary drive is to serve our customers. We can only exist because of them and we can only succeed through their satisfaction. Our customers’ needs and requirements will always be our first priority.

"We are ambitious"

We are hungry. We do not rest nor do we settle. That is the key to our success. We constantly pursue new business opportunities and new markets to conquer. It is a fundamental part of our DNA always to set new ambitious goals and seek new challenges.

"We create value"

We strive to create value with every action we do. We make a difference for the people we help. By being the meeting point we provide a service which creates value for both sides of the table.

"We are dedicated"

We are dedicated to the success of our customers. We win the trust and respect from our customers through our dedication and commitment. Every single Agerian is dedicated to fulfill and exceed the customers’ needs and requirements.

"We have fun"

Our most important resource is the people behind the company name. We cherish that resource by keeping our Agerians motivated and happy through many innovative and unique initiatives. We take fun seriously because motivated Agerians equals happy costumers.


Rico Andersen

Rico is a full-blooded self-taught entrepreneur who founded his first company Faadetgjort.dk at the age of 17.
The following two years Rico worked as the CEO of the company before he eventually co-founded Ageras in 2012 with Martin Hegelund.
At the moment Rico is the CEO and inspiring leader of Ageras.

Rico Andersen

Martin Hegelund

Martin has since the age of 13 worked within the field of e-commerce.
When he was 17, he eventually started his first company and has since then founded a number of startups.
Among them was Faadetgjort.dk, which Martin co-founded together with Rico Andersen. In 2012, the two of them founded Ageras.
Today Martin is besides Co-founder of Ageras also the Chief Visionary Officer.

Martin Hegelund

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Ageras is currently represented in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, The Netherlands and Germany in which Ageras’ headquarter is located in Copenhagen, Denmark.
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