Get a real-time overview of your business

Real-time reporting and overview of your business, wherever you are.

  • Full overview of income, expenses, and cash position
  • Intuitive dashboard for desktop and mobile
  • Synchronized with your bank
  • Part of Ageras’ full suite of accounting, banking, lending, and advice

Full overview of income, expenses, and cash position

Get a complete overview of your business operations. Easily see how you make money and what you spend it on. Track your top vendors, view your current balance sheet, as well as your bank accounts, all in one place.

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Intuitive dashboard for desktop and mobile

Make informed decisions with our intuitive dashboard that's available on both desktop and mobile. Track your most important numbers, stay on top of cash flow, and monitor your business performance within seconds. We want Ageras to be the first thing you check on a Monday morning, and be happy to!

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Effortlessly track customers and suppliers

It is crucial to know who your best customers are, to stay on top of payment history, monitor overdue payments, and analyze how different customers contribute to your bottom line. It is equally important to keep track of suppliers, to monitor your expenses, and manage your cash flow effectively. Ageras helps with both!


Seamlessly synced with your bank

We integrate with your business bank account to ensure all income and expenses are automatically accounted for, giving you an accurate picture of your finances.


Real-time VAT and tax calculation

In doubt on how much corporate tax or VAT you owe? You will never need to worry about that again as we calculate estimated tax and VAT in real-time and let you know when they are due.