Simplify and automate your payroll

Easy and flexible payroll for you and your team.

  • Simplify payroll with an intuitive solution everybody understands
  • Automated processes that increase efficiency
  • The best integrations that save you time and money
  • Part of Ageras’ full suite of accounting, banking, lending, and advice


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Automated payroll

Ageras’ highly automated solution saves you time and eliminates manual processes. With automated payroll, tax calculations, reporting, and vacation tracking are all fully automated. You’ll never have to worry about reporting to the authorities, because we take care of it for you.

Integrations that save time and money

Unlike other payroll solutions, Ageras offers the best integrations with time management and bookkeeping systems, saving you time and money while minimizing manual tasks. Data transfers seamlessly between the systems, saving you time and money.

Intuitive payroll for company and its employees

Ageras Salary is easy to understand. Bookkeepers, business owners, and employees each have a dedicated and intuitive user interface where they can easily manage their tasks. This makes mistakes unlikely, and ensures a fast and efficient payroll process for both your company and your employees.