Business banking with Ageras

Simple and secure banking solutions tailored to your small business needs.

  • Free business bank account
  • Virtual and physical payment cards
  • Easily categorize expenses
  • Part of Ageras’ full suite of accounting, banking, lending, and advice


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Free business bank account

Get a free business bank account, automatically synced with our bookkeeping and accounting features. Automate your accounting processes to always have a clear picture of your business finances.

Virtual and physical payment cards

Ageras offers both virtual and physical Mastercards and Visa cards, so you can easily manage payments. Use the sleek physical card or create virtual debit cards for enhanced security and convenience with online payments. Plus, track payments and manage your cards in our easy-to-use app.

Easily categorize expenses

When you use your payment card we instantly notify you, and prompt you to snap a picture of the receipt. Our intelligent bookkeeping engine then suggests an account to book the expense. It's that easy! You never have to worry about categorizing expenses again.

Automatically set aside VAT and taxes

Many entrepreneurs lose track of how much money they need to set aside for VAT and tax. That's why we automatically calculate and set aside the necessary amount in a virtual account. But if you need money before the tax is due, it's of course yours to spend.