Financing for your business with Ageras

Get the financial power you need to achieve your business goals.

  • Flexible financing up to €100.000 tailored your business needs
  • No hidden fees or lien
  • Approval within one working day

Flexible credit line

Get a flexible credit line and only pay for the money you withdraw. Perfect for businesses with fluctuating cash needs, as you can withdraw and pay back when needed.


Invoice financing

In the new economy, payment terms are a competitive edge. With Ageras’ invoice financing, you get paid upfront so you can get started on the project right away, while offering your customer great payment terms.


Business loans

If you have a larger purchase or need a fixed loan to finance your business expenses, we can help as well. We can offer businesses loans of up to €100.000, with a repayment period of up to 24 months.

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Backed by your accounting data

We are not a bank. We are a business software company that analyzes current patterns to determine credit risk. This enables us to offer better rates to great businesses that banks might be too conservative to lend to.


Fully flexible – pay back when you want

We don’t believe in locking you up. With our credit line and invoice financing products, you can fully repay your balance whenever you have excess cash, with no penalty interest or prepayment fees. Plus, we don’t charge a fee on the part of your credit facility that you don't use.

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Transparency first. No hidden fees!

When you receive a financing offer from us you will not see an appendix with a list of hidden fees. We believe in a transparent model so business owners like you know what you pay. With Ageras’ business loans you pay a fixed fee for the entire duration of the loan, and nothing else. No surprises, no extra fees.


No security or lien on your business

We underwrite loans based on AI and real-time data, so we usually don’t need any lien or security on your business assets. In this way we don’t restrict your business. While we don't require any collateral, we do require a personal guarantee. We believe in your business, but we also believe in shared responsibility.


Great customer service

We are not a bank, but we are a licensed lending company. As a result, our processes are much more streamlined than those of traditional banks. We automate what we can to focus on providing a great customer experience. Plus: we can approve loans within just one business day!

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Your company in great company

Approved by the FSA

Ageras is approved to issue business loans by the Danish Financial Services Authority.

Excellent customer reviews

We earned 4,7/5 on Trustpilot with 200.000+ monthly active customers.

Backed by Rabobank

We are backed by the reputable bank Rabobank ensuring a safe experience.


How it works

1. Apply for financing in a few steps

Fill out the application form in minutes. It’s free and non-binding.

2. Get approval within one day

Our team will promptly review your application. If you’re not an existing Ageras user we may require additional information.

3. Approve offer via digital signature

We send you an offer to review via email. Review at your convenience and sign digitally.

4. Payout to your business account

After approval we disburse the loan to your business account immediately.


Liquidity every step of your company’s growth

Purchasing inventory

Whether you run a brick-and-mortar store or an e-commerce business, purchasing inventory is a necessary part of your operations. We can finance these typically large purchases.

Fueling marketing and growth

If you have a proven business model, we can finance your sales and marketing efforts to help you grow.

Purchasing machinery

Our business loans can help finance machinery and tools over a period of 24 months.

Fluctuating cash flow

All businesses experience fluctuating cash needs. We offer a cash buffer to ensure that you have the necessary funds when you need them.

Refinancing existing debt

If you have existing debt, it makes sense to see if you can obtain a lower rate with us.