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What we do & who we are

Since 2012, Ageras has helped provide business owners and accountants customized connections easily, quickly, and efficiently.

How we help businesses

Businesses looking for accounting help submit requests to us looking for the right expert. We match them with the partners within our network who fit their needs best.

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How we help accountants

We provide a marketing solution for accountants that is hands-off, user-friendly, and convenient. Our partners benefit from spending more time running their firm and less time worrying about marketing.

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Our success is measured by your success

We've turned the process of matching the right business with the right accountant into a science. The result? Happy users all around.

Satisfied businesses

200,000+ can't be wrong. Ageras has some of the happiest users in the industry.

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Satisfied partners

With Ageras, what I really enjoy is my connection with my account manager. We’re allowed to really customize the services that we provide, so this allows the account manager to really pair up the client with a professional that’s going to get them the service that they need.

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Let the numbers speak for us

200,000+ users

Business owners and individuals alike trust us to find them the best help.

5000+ experts

Accountants, bookkeepers, tax professionals, and more.

4.8 rating

Excellent overall rating for our service.

85+ Agerians

Our team of happy employees is ready to help.

Featured in

The service is simple: fill in a form describing the task you need completed and receive three non-committal offers within a few hours.

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Ageras' unique combination of tailored service and high automation positions the company perfectly to connect small and medium-sized businesses with accountants.

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On here, anyone can ask an accountant for help with their needs. After a maximum of 48 hours, you get three quotes for a solution.

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The people behind Ageras

Ageras is a growing group of 85+ with a passion for helping business owners succeed by finding them the accounting help they need.

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Our Ageras team


Meet our team

Awards & Recognitions

Entrepreneur of the Year Startup

E-handelsprisen's Best B2B Business

13th fastest growing profitable business in Denmark

Both founders recognized in the top 100 most talented entrepreneurs

Ageras along the way

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Ageras' co-founder & CEO, Rico Andersen, dropped out of school to become an entrepreneur, becoming one of the youngest CEOs in Denmark.

Nordic Beginnings

Ageras was founded in and is still headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Global Mission

Ageras' Philadelphia office opened in 2019, marking our first expansion into the United States.

Our Brand

The three blue shapes in the Ageras logo represent the three quotes we send.

Backed by the Best

Ageras is backed by InvestCorp, one of the biggest capital funds in the world with over $34 billion in assets.

Our mission is global

Our goal is to revolutionize the financial industry, becoming the leading accounting service worldwide. As the largest professional service platform in Europe, we're here to increase transparency and make it easy for you to find the right accountant.







Ageras around the globe

Copenhagen, Denmark

Vesterbrogade 1e 1620,1550 København, Denmark
est 2012
20+ employees

Stockholm, Sweden

Östermalmstorg 1, Stockholm, Sweden
est 2013
10+ employees

Oslo, Norway

Karenslyst Allé 8B, Oslo, Norway
est 2014
5+ employees

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Keizersgracht 321, Amsterdam, Netherlands
est 2015
15+ employees

Munich, Germany

Landsbergerstraße 302, München, Germany
est 2016
15+ employees

Philadelphia, USA

1500 JFK Blvd, Philadelphia PA
est 2019
15+ employees

We take fun seriously

Our talented Agerians are as unique and exciting as the jobs they do. That's why we make our goal simple - to make sure our team looks forward to coming to work each and every morning.

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