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Meeting Regulatory Requirements

According to United Stated law, publicly traded companies must produce, publish, and file a public annual report to shareholders and the US SEC each fiscal year in order to remain in good standing and meet regulatory requirements.

Marketing and Public Relations

Annual reports allow a company to show shareholders exactly what it has accomplished the year prior and what they expect to accomplish the year going forward. Many business owners use the report as an opportunity to speak directly to investors to keep their interest in the company strong.

Reviewing Financial Performance

Financial reports provide hard facts to investors about the economic performance of the business and its goals. Did the company meet projected revenue? How will they improve going forward?

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What is an annual report?

An annual report is a yearly publication that companies provide to shareholders outlining and recounting the business' financial position and economic well-being. This report is also filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in order to publicly document and disclose information about the company's financial condition.

The report consists of numerous sections and financial reports that summarize the operations of the business during the past year. The report also may comprise of optional sections such as letters from the company's CEO, an auditor's report, personal stories about the business, and other notes or disclaimers.

While the preparation and filing of annual reports are a requirement for publicly traded corporations, all business owners can benefit from a carefully prepared summary of their finances. An annual report can help you define your core strategies, assess the success of your yearly goals, and set upcoming goals for the year to come.

Large Accelerated Filer

Revenue of $700MM or more. Your Form 10-K is due within 60 days after the end of your fiscal year.

Accelerated Filer

Revenue of $75MM or more and less than $700MM. Your Form 10-K is due within 75 days after the end of your fiscal year.

Non-accelerated Filer

Less than $75MM of revenue. Your Form 10-K is due within 90 days after the end of your fiscal year.

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