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Auditors will review and evaluate each process and financial statement, ensuring that your business is completely compliant according to the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.


By performing audits, business owners can figure out pain points in operations efficiently, allowing them to identify and correct problems in their workflow. An audit provides an overall look into the process and controls of the company, giving directors and management insight into their business.


Management can utilize an audit to assess the efficiency of their business and to gain peace of mind if any fraud was suspected. Audits can also provide concrete certification of the validity of the financial statements of a business to investors, shareholders, and the government.

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Internal vs External Audits

What is an internal audit?

An internal audit is an assessment of a company's accounting process and records ordered by its internal management. 

An internal audit can be conducted on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis depending on the circumstance. 

These audits are performed to improve the effectiveness of the company, to provide risk management, and increase management's control over the overall processes of operations.

After conducting an internal audit, an auditor will produce an auditor's report, providing management with important information and regarding the finances of the business.

What is an external audit?

An external audit is an evaluation of a business's financial records conducted by an independent accountant, ordered by a third-party outside of the company. These third-parties include shareholders, investors, and government entities such as the IRS, 

An external audit is usually not conducted more than once per year.

The purpose of an external audit is to provide validation and assurance of the accuracy of a company's financial reports to the necessary third-parties. An auditor will sign off on the validity of the accounting processes of the company, giving peace of mind to doubtful shareholders.


Either management or a third-party will identify a department or company that they deem needs auditing. An audit may be deemed necessary due to suspicions of inefficiency, fraud, or illegal activity.


An auditor will observe and begin to understand the internal processes of your business. This includes taking detailed notes, interviewing employees about their conduct, and reviewing your company's financial documents.

Report and Resolution

The results of the audit will be reported to either management or to the third-party that originally ordered it, such as shareholders. This auditor's report will be used to verify the accuracy of your business's records, and be used in follow-up to ensure that you are following the reccomendations given by the auditor.

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If you regularly conduct internal audits, you may already be using a hired professional or normal employee for these services. However, it's likely that you are missing out on an expert with specific industry knowledge for your business.

A professional that has a specialty in your business is a valuable and worthy resource and investment in making sure your finances are properly optimized. A third-party auditor is also less biased and can have a more neutral stance and approach towards conducting an audit.

If you are subject to an external audit, hiring the right professional is crucial. The auditor will be confirming to shareholders and other outside members that your accounting principles are up to par, so it is important to find a trustworthy and accredited expert. 

Finding the right expert through Ageras is quick and easy. Tell us about you, your business, and the services you need, and we'll help to find the best expert at the best price.

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