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Tax Tips

What are Tax preparing fees?

Whether a professional tax preparer or an accountant will prepare your tax returns, it's vital to keep in mind that there is a tax preparing fee. What are tax preparation fees, and how are they calculated? Are fees deductible, what what is the average tax preparation fee? Our informative insight on tax preparation fees will suit your business and personal tax return requirements. Read more

Tina Kretschel
Accounting Tips

The Importance of an Accountant for Your Small Business’s Success

What does an accountant do for a small business? How can an accountant help a small business or start-up to succeed? Here is all you need to know about small business and start-up accounting. Read more

Tina Kretschel
Bookkeeping Tips

Benefits of Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is the first step in the accounting process and arguably the most important one. There are multiple benefits to having a good bookkeeper, and with all the changes happening in the financial world, every business will want to have such a person on staff. Read more

Tina Kretschel

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