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Tax Tips

Tax Liability: What is it and how do you calculate it?

Tax liability is important to every business owner and individual with an income. Although tedious, tax must be calculated and paid. Ensure to estimate to have a near accurate tax liability and pay promptly. Read more

Carol Nachbaur
Accounting Tips

The Accounting Equations Every Business Owner Should Know

A bit of calculation is necessary to balance your accounts and stay on top of your business's finances. Learn the essential, need-to-know accounting equations for your business in our full guide. Read more

Carol Nachbaur
Accounting Tips

The Beginners' Guide to Financial Statements

A financial statement is a company's official record of economic activities, structured in an easy-to-read format. Learn all about these statements in this beginner's guide. Read more

Carol Nachbaur
For Accountants

The 5 Best Accounting Software Options For Accountants

Looking for great accounting software to use at your firm? We've discussed with seasoned accountants and narrowed down the best five available. Learn all about the best tools for accountants in our top 5 list. Read more

Carol Nachbaur
For Accountants

How to Make a Bookkeeping Business Plan

So you've decided to start a bookkeeping business. What next? Learn why a business plan is important and what to include in one in our step-by-step guide. Read more

Carol Nachbaur
Tax Tips

How to Defer Your Tax Payment

Due to a number of constraints, it may be impossible to pay your taxes. However, by deferring payment, you can push or schedule the payment for a later time. Learn how to defer tax payments here. Read more

Carol Nachbaur
Ageras News

How does Ageras work?

Ageras helps to connect customers and qualified partners to handle financial matters. Our network includes thousands of qualified financial specialists, ready to give specific offers on various situations. Read more

Martin Hegelund
Bookkeeping Tips

Benefits of Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is the first step in the accounting process and arguably the most important one. There are multiple benefits to having a good bookkeeper, and with all the changes happening in the financial world, every business will want to have such a person on staff. Read more

Tina Kretschel
Accounting Tips

How to Analyse Financial Statements

As a business owner or manager, you should make sure that your financial statements are transparent and trustworthy. This article discusses several steps you can take to ensure your statements are factual, and to preserve the trust your business partners and financial institutions have in your management. Read more

Michael Thuren

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