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What is a CPA?

A CPA is a certified public accountant who provides a range of advisory services to clients. The audit is one of the only services that a CPA is specifically certified to do. CPAs can also assist businesses and individuals with bookkeeping and financial reporting and tax codes.

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Small Businesses CPA

Financial and tax advisors are essential for all businesses, no matter how small. You need a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) for your business, not just an accountant or an enrolled agent. Choose a CPA firm that includes a bookkeeper and accountant. You can then separate the routine financial work from tax and financial analysis performed by the CPA. Alternatively, you can hire a bookkeeper for those monthly, quarterly and yearly financial reports, then periodically consult your CPA about your business taxes.


Accounting services provided by a CPA go beyond tax preparation and include more in-depth tax planning. If you need ongoing accounting support or seasonal assistance during your busiest seasons, a CPA can add value to your tax strategy and finances in general. Tax preparation for small businesses is usually combined with additional tasks, such as checking for financial discrepancies, auditing individual accounts, establishing budgets with CEOs and CFOs, and representing clients before the IRS.

CPAs for Audit

In public accounting, a certified public accountant is primarily responsible for auditing client financial statements and issuing an opinion on those statements. Auditors review and evaluate financial statements prepared by management as an unbiased third party. An opinion of the financial statements is provided by the CPA based on the audit, disclosing any material misstatements. All public companies are required by the SEC to have their financial statements audited by a CPA firm before they are released to shareholders and the public.

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Assurance services

Enhance the quality or context of both financial and non-financial information for decision-makers. The purpose of auditing is to ensure that financial and economic information is accurate and follows criteria such as generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).


Providing these services involves managing the daily activities of an organization or an individual as well as providing long-range and strategic planning. Among these services are cash management, budgeting, and financial planning; preparing financial statements; insurance coordination and risk management; and investment guidance.

Business Taxes

You can also request that a CPA review and sign off on your tax return if it was prepared by an accountant under the CPA's direction. Have you considered handling your business taxes yourself to save money? Remember that the tax law is complex and it's possible to overlook something important or make a mistake. Get professional help with your business taxes. Paying a CPA now is better than paying a CPA later to help you sort out a mess or accompany you to an audit.

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