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Today's technologically advanced world makes it easier for scammers and hackers to get access to your personal information. Even your financial records are easier for criminals to acquire. Due to this, forensic accountants have become more in demand throughout the years.

Forensic accountants are accounting professionals that you might not initially think to hire, but if you want to protect your business and your employees, you should have some background knowledge about them and what they do, especially when it comes to audits.

An experienced forensic accountant will relieve the burden of reviewing your financial data, which will free up your time and allow you to prioritize what is most important to you. It can be challenging to navigate tax laws and regulations on your own without the help of an accountant, especially when you are trying to determine if you have been financially taken advantage of. 

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Business Owners

Business owners hire forensic accountants when they are purchasing or selling a business. There are many rules and regulations that must be followed when you buy or sell a business. It is important to consult a forensic accountant during this process to avoid taking any financial losses.

Individuals going through Divorce

A divorce is a stressful life event that can have significant financial ramifications. An accountant who specializes in forensic accounting is particularly helpful in divorce cases when one or both parties own a business, have investments, or have complicated financial circumstances. They can identify hidden assets and unethical financial practices.

Insurance Claimants

Forensic accountants help people with insurance claims such as those related to business contracts, car accidents, injuries, property damage, and medical claims. During the investigation, forensic accountants will interview the individual filing the claim and any witnesses to gather the information that will support the claim.

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Tax Fraud

Tax fraud occurs when an individual intentionally puts false information on their tax return with the intent of reducing their tax liability. Cheating the system is never a good idea, claiming false deductions is one example of tax fraud. Always be truthful with your income and investments when it comes down to filing for your taxes. It is a federal crime to commit tax fraud and tax evasion. Tax fraud and tax evasion are serious crimes.

Tax Evasion

Tax evasion occurs when an individual intentionally avoids paying their tax obligations when it is tax season. Underpayment and nonpayment of taxes are considered tax evasion. In the same manner as tax fraud, tax evaders generally face criminal charges and substantial penalties. The IRS will determine it is tax fraud and tax evasion by matching information sent to the IRS by employers and other third parties with what individuals report on their tax returns, the IRS uses the Information Returns Processing (IRP) System.

Accounting Investigation

In most cases, forensic accountants begin their investigation and gather evidence after fraud suspicions have already emerged. When conducting an investigation, they look for all the red flags that could indicate fraud. An investigation may include conducting interviews with employees of the organization to gather more information and find the individual responsible for the fraud. With the gathered information, they begin to form a hypothesis of what happened and develop follow-up plans to further assess the business. Once this step is complete, the forensic accountant determines the next necessary steps to take and relays this information to the company.

Financial Reporting

As soon as forensic accounting professionals gather information/data and develop a case, they present a summary of their findings to the appropriate people. They use this information to determine how the fraud happened and who may have been involved. An accountant then determines how to proceed with the case and provides recommendations for how to proceed. As well as recommending ways to prevent these incidents in the future, they may also point out red flags and increase/strengthen internal security. After submitting their report, forensic accountants prepare themselves to take part in court proceedings.

Lawsuit Assistance

During a court case involving an incident, forensic accountants participate as expert witnesses. Forensic accountants then present their findings as evidence in court to testify on the behalf of their client. They present evidence and financial documents in clear terms, thoroughly explaining how they identified the subject. A good forensic accountant uncovers evidence as well as uses rhetoric that makes sense to the court. Ultimately, it is up to the court to decide the final outcome of the case. Due to their knowledge of the law, forensic accountants play an essential role in the process.

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