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Dennis, Duncan, & Covington, LLP (CPA)

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Dennis Duncan LLP is a licensed Certified Public Accounting firm that leverages technology to provide effective and efficient accounting, tax and audit services to clients. Our services include providing 24/7 bookkeeping and tax services, providing financial insight in real time through automation. Our financial statement audits and reviews are streamlined to eliminate cookie cutter approaches, providing for more effective value added service. To learn more about our services and the industries that we help, please visit our website at www.dennisllp.com

Dennis, Duncan, & Covington, LLP (CPA)

10880 Wilshire Blvd Suite 1101
90024 Los Angeles
  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA)


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Excellent service all around

I worked with J'on Dennis of Dennis Duncan & Covington for a 3 yr non profit audit after contacting him by way of the Ageras professional locator service. J'on's strong experience in non profit audits and attention to detail and communication gave me confidence all through the audit. I expect that Dennis Duncan & Covington will be our permanent go-to for future audit services. Much appreciated!

- Patrick Williams
Created on 25/02/2021

They walked us through the process that we wanted and it was seamless and painless

They kept us appraised at every stage. kept checking back to see that they were meeting our expectations, which they were.
They completed the work on time and on budget.

- Paul Heis
Created on 10/02/2021
Reply from Dennis, Duncan, & Covington, LLP (CPA)

Thank you Paul. It was great working with you as well. ACI is a great organization.

- J'on Dennis, CPA

Pleasant & friendly, responsive, innovative and full of financial management advice.

Dennis-Duncan-Covington exceeded our expectations.

As a bonus, we were able to discuss ideas for our improvement as a non-profit charity and land trust. We are adopting principles that will provide better management information to our Board; to better serve of community; and to professionally comply with changing needs to serve our donors, grantors and the government agencies that support us.

We intend to extend this "business experience" in a long term environental conservation relationship.

We are most pleased to have had our experience driven personally by a principal of the firm. It has been most reqrding.

- George Barnett`
Created on 10/02/2021
Reply from Dennis, Duncan, & Covington, LLP (CPA)

Thank you George! It was a pleasure working with you as well.

- J'on Dennis, CPA