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Johnston Tax & Accounting

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Johnston Tax & Accounting

60634 Chicago


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He makes it a very simple process

Fred always takes a personal approach when preparing my taxes and is very responsive whenever I have questions. I also appreciate how promptly they are completed and filled. He makes it a very simple process.

- Jeff Hanson
Created on 27/01/2021

Would highly recommend

Johnston Tax & Accounting Services has been preparing my family's taxes for the past few years. He is very professional and prepares the taxes in a fast and efficient manner. Would highly recommend this company to everyone.

- Joanne Geschke
Created on 27/01/2021

Fred Johnston is top drawer

I think Fred Johnston is top drawer. He is knowledgeable, professional and does not charge an arm and a leg. Moreover, he is easily accessible, even during the height of tax season. I have referred several people to Fred and they have all been happy with his services.

- Susan Appel-Bass
Created on 27/01/2021

I wouldn’t trust anyone else

Fred is one of the friendliest people I know. He is very professional and I wouldn’t trust anyone else to do my taxes.

- Karie D
Created on 27/01/2021

12 plus years

Johnston Tax & Accounting Services has been preparing taxes for my family and I for 12 plus years. Fred Johnston is trustworthy, knowledgeable, extremely professional, precise, and efficient. He is always available if there is a question or concern. I have recommended Johnston Tax & Accounting Services to several of my friends and family and all have felt he is the very best at preparing their taxes.

- Ric Cervone
Created on 27/01/2021

Highly recommended!!

Fred Johnston is an excellent Accountant who always works within the utmost in professionalism and service standards. He is always very responsive and takes the time to answer all my questions. Highly recommended!!

- Lou Santelli
Created on 27/01/2021

He is always a class act!

Fred is always available to quickly answer my tax questions & concerns no matter how complex or trivial. He is prompt, professional & a pleasure to work with. I have recommended Fred to family & friends & they feel the same as I do. He is always a class act!

- Dawn Buglio
Created on 27/01/2021

I highly recommend

Fred Johnston with Johnston Tax & Accounting Services has been preparing my business and personal taxes for more than six years. Whenever I have questions with accounting and QuickBooks, Fred is quick to respond and assist. I highly recommend Johnston Tax and Accounting Services for their professionalism and timeliness in preparing one's taxes.

- Amy Olson
Created on 27/01/2021