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Make sure to find an expert who has the knowledge you lack. There are many experts in tax returns, but not everyone may know the niche you need advice on. Seek your expert through Ageras and get the knowledge you require.

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It is important that you find a tax advisor who has a good reputation, advises you within the law and knows the area you need help with. It’s difficult to find the perfect advisor by searching the internet, which is why you can take advantage of Ageras. Our network of preparers the best reputations, and we can find tax preparation services in your local area or with very special skills depending on your preferences and needs.

Compare Tax Preparation Fees

It may be wise to avoid specialists who base charges on a percentage of your income tax refund or those who claim they can get bigger refunds than their competitors. When requesting information about the cost of getting your taxes prepared, make sure to keep your social security numbers, tax documents, or other information safe.

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How Can Tax Preparation Help Me?

Filing your tax return can be a challenge, both for individuals and for businesses. Tax rules are constantly changing and can often be complicated to understand.

You might not think you need tax advice for your regular annual tax return or simple form 1040, but if you have you invested, bought a home, sold a property, inherited an estate, worked abroad, or are you unsure whether you have taken advantage of all your deductions such as child tax credits, travel expenses, interest income, and expenses, it is wise to consult an expert.

Experts in tax filing can help with advice on the tax implications of the purchase and sale of property, land, or businesses. If your business has sales taxes, staff employees, and benefits, tax advisors can help to clarify things and get everything in line with laws and regulations, so you report according to the rules and take advantage of all legal deductions.

Business owners and self-employed

Consultants, freelancers, and small business owners all may have to disburse self-employment taxes. Salaried individuals who are involved in side-hustles might have to pay self-employment taxes as well as the taxes they spend on the salaried income.

Those selling or buying their home

Selling or buying a home can present an array of tax problems such as capital gains and losses, plus deductions associated with certain expenditures linked to homeownership. A tax preparer can help maximize your deductions so you get the most out of your return.

Those selling stocks, company holdings, or other large assets

The exchange or sale of stocks, bonds, securities, or other additional investment is categorized as a capital asset transaction. The terms capital gains tax or capital assets scare lots of individuals, but they aren't all bad. Capital dealings are essentially taxed at a lower rate than the ordinary income; however, handling capital transactions can get tricky. Advice from a professional on how to navigate your case can help you make the right decisions.

It might be worth checking if you are covered properly

Whether you need tax advice for yourself or your business, Ageras can help you find an expert in the field you need. We are connected to tax advisors across the country with a wealth of skills, so we will find the right expert for you. Get tax advice on home purchases, deductions, investments, purchases, sales, and more - and be absolutely sure that you are paying the right amount in taxes.

You may have tried to find an expert in tax advice online, but have not been able to find one who had the time to take your case. If you already have a working relationship with a tax advisor and feel that they aren’t quite fulfilling their role or that you do not match, we can help. At Ageras you can start the search for the perfect advisor, and if you fill out the form today, you can have answers tomorrow. You just need to fill out the form you find here and Ageras will do the rest. It is free, non-binding and fast.

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