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Our talented Agerians are as unique and exciting as the jobs they do. Get to know each of the 85+ passionate people across the globe that are dedicated to helping you find the right accountant.

Meet Our Management Team

Martin Hegelund Group Chief Marketing Officer
Rico Andersen Group Chief Executive Officer
Philip Dahlstrøm Group Chief Technology Officer
Claus Kjær Jørgensen Group Chief Financial Officer

Meet Team USA

Mikkel Jensen Managing Director, USA
Sean Agsten Senior Account Manager
Paul Dixon Jr. Senior Account Manager
Stefani Mills
Joseph Wojciechowicz Account Manager
Sagal Aden Client Consultant
Ryan Joseph Divis
Erin Miles Client Consultant
Mikaela Howell
Kelly Liebl Client Consultant

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Business Development Representative - US Market Apply now

Meet Our Global Teams

Team Denmark

Jogvan Joensen Account Manager
Phillip Riise Telemarketing Specialist
Per Gregersen Account Manager
René Vincent Ploug Client Consultant
Camilla van der Laan-Rosenkilde Head of Compliance
Marthe Friedrich Senior Client Consultant
Nicklas Thor Olsen Client Consultant
Sara Andersen Client Consultant
Ditte Grundtvig Ibsen Client Consultant
Oliver Attefjord Client Consultant

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Engineering Manager Apply now
Part-time Marketing Manager (Swedish market) Apply now
Accounting Assistant Apply now
Part-time Client Consultant - Danish Market Apply now

Team Netherlands

Nick Frederik Pfeyffer Managing Director
Olliver Fandino Client Consultant
Pim Dikker Senior Account Manager
Paul Brugman Senior Account Manager
Glenn Kuyp Account Manager
Kim Dingerdis Account Manager
David Dorrestein Junior Client Consultant
Anouk Roosenschoon Junior Client Consultant
Tom Gerritse Client Consultant
Hans van den Berg Client Consultant
Romy Rosalia van 't Laar Client Consultant
Sebastiaan Brouwer Account Manager

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(Senior) Account Manager - Dutch Market Apply now

Team Germany

Markus Frank Managing Director, Germany
Joachim David Bilars Account Manager
Marie Köthemann Account Manager
Alexander Weber Account Manager
Sabrina Hoffmann Client Consultant
Sandra Wollmann Account Manager
Natalie Wellniak Client Consultant
Julia Barth Client Consultant
Birte Wentorp Client Consultant
Clara Karas Client Consultant
Erika Gruber Client Consultant
Virginia Falataki Client Consultant

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Account Manager - German Market Apply now
Client Consultant - German Market Apply now
Sales Coordinator - German Market Apply now
WerkstudentIn / Praktikum Online Marketing - German Market Apply now

Team Sweden

Isabella Györffy Account Manager
Aleksander Werynski Account Manager
Matilda Lainevool Client Consultant
Erika Holm Client Consultant

Join our team

Client Consultant - Swedish Market Apply now

Team Norway

Monica Mostue Senior Account Manager
Roger Roppestad Senior Account Manager
Helena Marie Musk Client Consultant
Linda Cecilie Osmark Client Consultant


Christoffer Gunnersen Growth Marketing Manager
Alexandra Maruszewicz CMO, Ageras Marketplace
Oda Jönsson Marketing & Operations Manager, Sweden
Zuzana Repova Head of Performance
Carol Nachbaur Online Marketing Manager, USA
Gijs Fischer Online Marketing Assistant, NL
Martin Hegelund Group Chief Marketing Officer
Marius Schmidt Performance Marketing Assistant
Amanda Randler Client Consultant
Jakob Holmberg Growth Marketing Specialist
Line Larsen Oldager Head of Client Consulting
Thea Zinner Online Marketing Manager, DE
Thomas Ramussen Content & Marketing Manager, DK
Anna Uspessij
Yejin Seo Marketing Assistant, USA
Renathe Todal Tande Online Marketing Manager, NO
Thore Petersen SEM Specialist


Mathias Sarborg-Pedersen Product Manager
Philip Dahlstrøm Group Chief Technology Officer
Martin Østergaard Andersen IT Manager
Slawek Paweska
Zigria Osmani
Michal Gebicki
Nicolai Østby Senior Software Engineer
Cameron Davis Software Developer
Tobias Riemann IT Supporter
Neil Nielsen Junior Data Scientist
Pavlo Halas Software Developer
Tadeas Kosek Software Engineer

Finance & HR

Andreas Selset Head of Client Consulting, Norway
Nikolaj Bajard Stud. jur. / Law student
Rinske Kooistra-Denekamp Accounting Assistant
Anna Uspessij
Ezgi Genc People & Culture Coordinator
Imke Wieboldt Head of Group HR
Claus Kjær Jørgensen Group Chief Financial Officer
Sif Vilhelmsen Financial Manager
Mille Stehr Ishøi Talent Acquisition Assistant
Anders Kjærgaard Senior Controller
Zyna Adams Office Assistant
Pia Pedersen Roaas Talent Acquisition Specialist
Dieter de Beuckeleer Data Analyst
Anton William Bærtelsen Junior Bookkeeper

Meet Our Board

Martin Hegelund Board Member
Rico Andersen Board Member
Julian Bennet Board Member
Siegfried Heimgärtner Chairman
Gilbert Kamieniecky Board Member
Jeroen van Doornik Board Member

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